Why and when to replace your Mybreathbuddy Respirator Filters ?

Why and when to replace your Mybreathbuddy Respirator Filters ?

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Mybreathbuddy offers a host of respirators and filters, making it an excellent choice for workplaces with different types of contaminants. Mybreathbuddy respirators offer great protection from harmful gases, dust, vapors and other contaminants. The most important thing to remember while using Mybreathbuddy respirator masks is timely replacement of its filters. No matter which respirator you are using, you must know when to replace its filters so that you can get maximum protection from air particulates while using them.

What types of filters does Mybreathbuddy offers?

The most powerful filters that Mybreathbuddy offers are:-   

Particulate filters- These particulate filters are used while working in the work areas that are contaminated with smoke, aerosols, bacteria, mold, mists and fumes.

Gas and vapor cartridge filters- These filters provide protection against gases and vapors. These filters also work well with many 3M respirator masks.

 Before we continue with when to replace these respirator filters lets first discuss why it is so important to regularly change the filters.

Why replace Mybreathbuddy filters regularly?

If you’re using particulate filters with Mybreathbuddy respirator masks the after certain hours of use these filters starts clogging up and it becomes difficult to breathe through them. With gas or chemical cartridge filters, the sorbents in them start saturating after a point. This point is known as the breakthrough point of the filter and after this point filters starts harmful contaminants to pass through them.

When should you replace Mybreathbuddy particulate filters?

You must replace particulate filters when it’s difficult to breathe through them. Also, you must change filters are 40 hours of use. If the filters are damaged or soiled then you must change them too.


When should you replace Mybreathbuddy gas and vapor cartridge filters?

There are several factors that reduce the life of Mybreathbuddy gas and vapor cartridge filters.  You must replace them when you detect the contaminant by taste or smell. You must change them after 40 hours of use and if these filters are damaged then also you must replace them. Once you take them out from the packing, you must change them within 6 months even if the filters are not used as they will absorb the contaminants even from the environment.

Storing Mybreathbuddy respirators and filters

Mybreathbuddy filters must be stored in the area which is clean and dry. You must store them away from direct sunlight, oil, and corrosive atmosphere. The filters must be stored in an air tight seal bags.




Mybreathbuddy filters and respirators comes with proper instruction guide that includes it’s expire date and service life. Using filters and cartridges beyond their service life can lead to regulatory violations and even endanger the workers life. You must change them in a timely manner and should replace them when it gets really tough to breathe through them. To get the maximum safety you must change them after 40 hours of use.


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