Breath Buddy Particulate Respirator for Dust (20-Pack)
Breath Buddy Particulate Respirator for Dust (20-Pack)
Breath Buddy Particulate Respirator for Dust (20-Pack)
Breath Buddy Particulate Respirator for Dust (20-Pack)
Breath Buddy Particulate Respirator for Dust (20-Pack)

Breath Buddy

Breath Buddy Particulate Respirator for Dust (20-Pack)

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  • RELIABLE, CE-CERTIFIED PROTECTION: The ultimate European certified mask for protection against  wood, pollen, mold, flour, pet hair, dander, fiberglass, silica and other non-oil based particles. Our flagship mask also offers effective protection when processing minerals like coal, iron, ore and metal. Grind, sand, saw, sweep and mow like a boss without having a coughing or sneezing fit every two minutes!

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All our Breath Buddy models are either certified by the European (CE), the Australian (AS/NZS) or the American standards (NIOSH). It depends on the model. You can check on the respective product listing to see which certification the product has. 

So don’t worry, you're buying tested & certified products by regulated laboratories.

We are so confident in the quality of our product that we will back it up for a lifetime warranty!

You can check the warranty policy here.

A respirator and its cartridges must be selected for protection against a specific hazard. The cautions, limitations and restriction of use provided with the respirator must be strictly followed. If your mask does not make a tight seal all the way around your face when you inhale, you may breathe contaminated air that leaks around the edges of the face seal.

Anything that prevents the face mask from fitting tightly against your face, such as a beard or long sideburns, may cause leakage. Some respirators come in different styles and sizes, and fit different people differently because people's faces have different shapes.

You also need training to know how to correctly put the mask on and wear it correctly. But don’t worry, this information will be provided in our instruction guides.


We offer Free Shipping on all orders from North America & Europe.

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Yes, we ship all over the world. Free Shipping on all orders from North America & Europe! Shipping costs will apply for the other countries, and will be added at checkout. 

Depending in which country you are, our products usually (key word usually) ship within 2-4 BUSINESS days + shipping time is usually between 4-8 days (total 6-12 days for standard shipping).

However, if we have some crazy promotion or a new launch, orders may take a bit longer to process. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email with a tracking number.

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