Half Face Respirator - Expiration and Warranty

Half Face Respirator - Expiration and Warranty

BreathBuddy respirators are twin filter half mask respirators that give full protection from hazardous air pollutants, organic vapors, fumes, harmful gases, and air particulates.

The pack of these respirators comes with a high quality transparent glasses that gives full protection to eyes too while working. Both respirators and glasses are light in weight. Where respirators are easy to wear and gives full protection from hazardous air particulates at the same time glasses gives optimum vision, providing protection against knocks, scratches and fogging.

BreathBuddy respirators give full comfort to wearer and have 4 point harness providing great facial seal with no leakage.  Our entire BreathBuddy respirators are made of silicone and cause no allergic reaction to face.

Breathbuddy respirators come in one standard size and it can easily fit to any face. To get maximum protection you must use BreathBuddy respirators in a proper way and should read the instruction guide before use.


  1. BreathBuddy half face respirators do no supply any oxygen (O2) and it should not be used in an oxygen deficient zone. These respirators should be worn when you are working in an environment that has proper supply of oxygen. Oxygen supply should be equal or over 19.5% volume.
  2. Each filter is designed for a specific task and you should choose the proper type of filter that is designed for a specific task. Choose filters according to concentration and type of contaminant in each case.
  3. You should always put 2 filters to the respirator one on each side of it and should replace them after 40 hours of use.
  4. These respirators do not provide protection against carbon monoxide and you should not wear them under any circumstances.
  5. The respirator must not be modified nor altered.
  6. This respirator with filter cannot be used in containers, wells, sewers or closed spaces with no ventilation.
  7. The respirators give best protection when wearer is clean shaved and have no beards. Beards might prevent the correct face fit of these respirators and then there may be a chance of leakage.
  8. Leave the work area in case of respirator being damaged, breathing difficulty and/or dizziness or nausea.

Before Use of Half Face Respirator

  1. Before you enter your work place please check if the respirator is properly fit. Check its parts like harness, straps, check for any leakage, and exhalation valves.
  2. Always make sure that your respirator is in good condition and has no sign of dirt, breakage, cracks, and bumps on it. If in any case your respirator is damaged then please do not wear it and buy a new one.
  3. Make sure that the chosen filter is the proper one for the intended use.
  4. Check if the respirators have both the filters on it before you leave to your work place.

Assembling Instructions

Match the plastic filter connector with the filter-holder on the respirator. Press and turn the filter all the way clockwise. Repeat procedure for the second filter.

Instructions for Donning and Fitting

  1. Loosen up the fore straps of the head harness.
  2. While wearing the respirator please place it on your face first, then on the chin, and then on the rest of your face.
  3. Once you fix the respirator on your face please adjust the harness over your head.
  4. When you have put the mask properly over your face please tight it by adjusting the straps. You should not get any sort of leakage from it. You must feel comfortable wearing it.
  5. You can remove the respirator after use by pulling the straps which will loosen the fit and then you can take it out easily from your face.


You must dissemble your BreathBuddy respirators after use. You must store the filters separately and the face piece separately. Both the respirator and filters must be kept in a hermetically sealed bag at room temperature in a dry place away from contaminants. Never expose the filters to direct sunlight and never put them in a place that has moisture. Also you must not expose the face piece or respirator to heat over 50oC.

Cleaning and Disinfection

  1. Make sure you remove both the filters from respirator before you start cleaning it.
  2. To wash the respirator use warm water solution and then clean it with a wet cloth. You can use neutral detergent if necessary.
  3. After you are finished with cleaning please air dry the respirator in a contaminant free environment.



In order to get maximum protection from respirator please follow each step after use:

  1. Always clean the respirator after each use and then air dry it in a contaminant free one. Later you can store it in a hermetically sealed bag without filter.
  2. Check inhalation and exhalation valves and keep them completely clean without any distortions.
  3. Always check the harness and elasticity of the straps. If you feel that straps are no longer in good condition please do not use the respirator as it will be no longer give the perfect face fit and there might be a chance of leakage.
  4. Always check the condition and position of gasket of the filter holder and frontal piece.
  5. The respirator must be in good condition and should not have any sign of dirt, tearing, crack or dents in any of its components.
  6. You must replace or dispose the respirator if you see any distortion on any of its component.


Expiration and Warranty

BreathBuddy Respirators are manufactured with high quality materials. Each BreathBuddy respirator comes with five years of warranty and it will last long.

Warranty only covers the face piece and you must replace the parts such as valves, harness, straps or any parts that needs to be changed.

These accessories must be replaced the moment they show any alteration or distortion. Also the filters must be replaced after 40 hours of use or when breathing though respirator gets tough after several hours of use.

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