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Answers to some of the most common questions regarding our respirator masks. If you still need assistance, please contact our support.

Warranty & Discounts

We are so confident in the quality of our product that we will back it up for a lifetime warranty! You can check the warranty policy here.

Register on this link here.

*To be activated, the warranty must be registered within 15 days of purchase.

Mask, straps, and material components: Our warranty covers defective merchandise including faulty stitching, deformed or malformed plastic moulding, and premature deterioration under normal circumstances. 

Functionality: Our warranty covers any Breath Buddy mask which does not effectively eliminate all traces of organic chemical vapor or fumes while wearing the mask.

Exceptions: Our warranty DOES NOT cover damage or malfunction due to improper use, direct intentional impact, loss, theft, fire, or other negligent actions leading to the detriment of the product. (Except for the first 30 days).

Our lifetime guarantee policy may vary country to country. Customers should still register their bags and (when applicable) submit a repair request.If you’re an international customer and you submitted a repair request, we’ll be in touch to discuss options available for you.

Yes, you can receive a 10% coupon code if you’re a first-time buyer!

We also offer discounts if you subscribe to one of our monthly plans where you receive new products every month!

Yes, we do. If you would like to inquire about purchasing in bulk, please email We have special rates available for businesses, government agencies, group buys, etc.


For your convenience, we offer three shipping options:  
- FREE Standard USPS Shipping on all orders in North America & Europe: 5-8 business days;  
- Priority Shipping: 2 business days (must order by 2pm EST, Mon-Fri) for $10;  
- Express Shipping: 1 business day (must order by 2pm EST, Mon-Fri) for $25.

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout. Free Shipping on all orders from North America & Europe! 

Our products usually – key word usually – ship within 2-4 BUSINESS days (business days do NOT include weekends or holidays) + shipping is usually between 5-8 days (total 7-12 days for standard shipping). However, if we have some crazy promotion or a new launch, orders may take a bit longer to process, so be patient my friend!! Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email with a tracking number.

We’re so excited for you to receive your order! If your order is shipping to a domestic address, total shipping typically takes 7-12 business days. If shipping internationally, shipping may take 10-21 business days. Please note that business days do not include weekends or holidays! We recommend reaching out to USPS and/or your local post office for more information on the status of your order.

If your order has exceeded typical shipping times, please email our customer service team by clicking here, within 14 days of the last tracking update, with your order number and tracking information so that we may assist you further. :)

Orders & Payments

You can change your preferred currency at any point while browsing our website. On the top of the page, you should see a bar with your currency. Click on the arrow beside it to switch between Canadian, US dollars, Euro and British pound. Please note you can pay in any currency and still ship to your country.

Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. The general amount for the duties and taxes fee is about 20% of the dollar amount of the merchandise. However, this is just a general guideline and may vary depending on the country to which the order was shipped. You should contact your customs office for specific amounts and percentages.

Breath Buddy cannot control and is not responsible for any duties/taxes applied to your package. You will be responsible for paying additional charges for customs clearance. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs office for further information. Note, in rare occasions custom agents may delay delivery of some packages.

We do our best to get your order to you in perfect condition, but mistakes can occasionally happen. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your product, then you can return it within 30 days of purchase. You can return it for a refund or exchange. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

You can read our complete return policy here.

We’re unable to make any changes to your order once you’ve hit the ‘place order’ button, this includes the following:
- Changing the item or size
- Delivery/billing address
- Adding items to your order
- Shipping method

There is a 15-minute window where you can cancel your order by locating the order in your account section and hitting the 'cancel order' button. After 15-minutes, it is too late to cancel the order and you'll need to follow our returns process. 

If you don't have a customer account, we're unable to cancel the order for you.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit cads, as well as PayPal, Apple pay, Google Pay, Diner’s Club and Shop Pay. You can set up automated billing with our subscription membership. If you want to set up invoicing for larger transaction amounts, please contact

If you are having trouble at any stage of the process, we are happy to help! Call us at 1-888-694-9414 or email us at and we will respond in a timely manner.

In the unlikely event you are missing an item from your order, please contact us immediately with the following information to ensure that we can get this resolved for you quickly & efficiently:
- Your order number
- The name of the item you did not receive

Once we've received the above info, our Customer Support team will get this sorted for you ASAP!



All our Breath Buddy models are either certified by the European (CE), the Australian (AS/NZS) or the American standards (NIOSH). It depends on the model. You can check on the respective product listing to see which certification the product has.

So don’t worry, your buying tested & certified products by regulated laboratories.

There are a variety of problems with fit and use of respirators for children, especially small children and infants. For example, currently available masks are unlikely to fit the faces of small children and infants. As with respirator use by anybody, fit-testing, training, and proper use and maintenance are essential.

Usually, the face piece of respirator is made from silicone, neoprene, and rubber.

Filters used in respirators are made of non-woven fibrous materials, such as wool felt, fiberglass paper, or polypropylene.

Respirators come with various features such as nose cups reduce lens fogging with full face piece respirators.

Lens covers protect the lens from paint chemical splash and scratches. Adjustable straps give option to wearer to adjust the face piece according to the face size.

Yes, respirators when used with right set of filters do provide protection against PM2.5, smoke, soot, bacteria and viruses.

Respirators when used with P3, P2 filters also provide protection against COVID-19.

The main purpose of the exhalation valve in respirator is to reduce the breathing resistance during exhale. The exhalation valve does not impact a respirator’s ability to provide respiratory protection.

It is specially designed to during exhalation to allow exhaled air to exit the respirator and then close tightly during inhalation, so inhaled air is not permitted to enter the respirator through the valve.

Yes, high standard filters such P2 and P3 will remove odors from wildfires and air pollution, etc.

They are also very effective against fumes, mist, organic vapors, dust, soot, ash and several gases. It is always recommended to consult a professional while choosing the right kind of filters. 

The main purpose of the respirator is to help reduce, not eliminate, exposures to airborne hazards.

For example, N95 rated filters have filtration efficiency of at least 95% against non-oily particles. “95” rating means the mask will filter out 95% of relevant particles for which it is designed.

Breathing through respirator is bit tough as compared to regular breathing.

People with several health problems or breathing problems like asthma must consult health care executive before wearing a respirator.

If you are not familiar with respirator then you should practice putting on the respirator in a clean area before you begin using it in a contaminated area.

You should also consult professionals, watch videos related to respirators, should read owner manual to know how to put the respirator on correctly.

Yes, respirator does not provide complete protection if user have beards or long mustaches.

Beards, long mustaches, and stubble may cause leaks into the respirator.

Yes you can re use the face piece of respirator. You just need to change the filters within certain time frame. But it is recommended to wash the face piece after use.

You can click here to download a pdf version of the instructions guides.

Breathing through a respirator is a bit tough as compared to regular breathing. People with several health problems or breathing problems like asthma must consult health care executive before wearing a respirator.

Some people with claustrophobia may not be able to wear a mask or hooded respirator. Some people with vision problems may have trouble seeing while wearing a mask or hood (there are special masks for people who need glasses).

Returns & Refunds

We're so sure you'll enjoy our Breath Buddy brand products. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your product, then you can return it within 30 days of purchase. You can return it for a refund or exchange. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

You can read our complete return policy here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to honor any promotions for orders placed outside of the promotional time frame as this would be unfair to the rest of our customers. We’re so sorry for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding!

We're so sure you'll enjoy our Breath Buddy brand products. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your product, then you can return it within 30 days of purchase. You can return it for a refund or exchange. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

You can read our complete return policy here.

Technical & Safety

Respirators should be cleaned at the end each work days. The respirator should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions. All parts should be rinsed after washing and allowed to air dry before being put back together. More information on the instruction guide coming with your respirator.

Storing the respirator before and after use is very important.
1. Always store the respirator in its original packaging when not in use. You can store it in a properly sealed bag.
2. Keep it away from any hazardous environment.
3. Store it away from direct sunlight.

It is recommended to change the filters after 40 hours of use.You should also change them if they get damaged or when it gets tough to breathe through them.

No, filters should not be washed. They must be changed after 40 hours of use or if they get damaged or gets tough to breathe through them.

Yes, there are several limitations when using respirators. Each respirator is designed to provide protection against different kind of hazards for which it is designed.

Respirator should provide an adequate fit to the face, and cannot be used with facial hair.

Respirators should be properly cleaned after each use and should be used with right set of filters.

Respirator should provide a tight seal around your face so that there are no chances of leakage. You need to follow the guidelines and always do a fit test before using your mask (instructions provided with your respected respirator).

Always make sure the respirator fits comfortably on your face. If the respirator does not provide a tight seal around your face, then airborne hazards can enter around and through the gaps in the face seal.

A respirator and its cartridges must be selected for protection against a specific hazard. The cautions, limitations and restriction of use provided with the respirator must be strictly followed. If your mask does not make a tight seal all the way around your face when you inhale, you may breathe contaminated air that leaks around the edges of the face seal. 

Anything that prevents the face mask from fitting tightly against your face, such as a beard or long sideburns, may cause leakage. Some respirators come in different styles and sizes, and fit different people differently because people's faces have different shapes. 

You also need training to know how to correctly put the mask on and wear it correctly. But don’t worry, this information will be provided in our instruction guides.

Cartridges, filters, and masks get old. Cartridges can have a limited life. If the filter cartridges that attach to the mask are outdated, have been open to the air or are damaged, you are not protected. Cartridges that contain charcoal or other chemicals for filtering the air should be in air-tight packages. If cartridges are open or not packed in air-tight packaging, they should not be used. Even cartridges in original packaging have expiration dates that should be checked before purchase. Also, over time your mask can get old and break down. Keep your mask in a clean, dry place, away from extreme heat or cold. Inspect it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

*The date on our cartridge packaging is the date of manufacturing, not the expiration date.

The filter cartridges protect against only certain inhaled airborne substances. Some dangerous chemicals are absorbed through the skin. Properly selected and worn gas masks and escape respirators must be combined with protective clothing to completely prevent injury from these chemicals.

That depends on how much filtering capacity the filters/cartridges have and the amount of hazard in the air (the more chemical or biological hazard in the air (higher concentration), the shorter the time your filters will last). There’s no precise time limit, and it will vary by each filter capacities. That's why your emergency plan must include an idea of how to get to a safer area before the filtering capabilities of the cartridge runs out.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tests and certifies respirators for use by workers to protect against workplace hazards. Respirators certified by NIOSH will say "NIOSH Approved" and may have a certification number. However, NIOSH only certifies respirators against specific hazards. Just because a respirator is certified does not mean it will protect against ALL hazards. NIOSH-certified respirators are supplied with Approval Labels that identify the hazards that the respirator is approved to protect against. If you are buying a respirator, you should check the Approval Label to be sure that it has been certified against the hazards you want protection against. 

*CE approved respirators are similar to the NIOSH tests and are used for European markets.

A filter, cartridge or mask's rating tells you what and how much particles are actually being filtered. Below is a list of a respirator rating letters and numbers, and what they mean:
- N: The letter "N" represents a mask or filter that is not resistant to oil-based particles.
- R: The letter "R" represents a mask or filter that is resistant to oil-based particles.
- P: The letter "P" represents a mask or filter that is oil proof.
- 95: A rating of 95 means it removes 95% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter.
- 99: A rating of 99 means it removes 99% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter.
- 100: A rating of 100 means it removes 99.97% of all particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. This is considered "HE" or "HEPA" quality, because it's considered "High Efficiency".
- P2 (European Standard): Filters at least 94% of airborne particles (Similar to P95)
- P3 (European Standard): Filters at least 99.95% of airborne particles (Similar to P100)

Any half-mask respirator that can filter out small particles. Such respirators usually have 'P3' or 'N100' or 'P100' filter designation.

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