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Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Googles)

Breath Buddy Respirator (Plus Safety Glasses)
$49.99 $34.99
GET EXTREME PROTECTION YET BREATHE WITH EASE: This professional breathing protection set successfully blocks all organic vapors and fumes, pollen, dust and many other particles in the air. Best part? It is surprisingly easy to breathe with very little resistance using this mask. After a few minutes you'll forget you're even wearing it.  
Breath Buddy Half Face Respirator
PROFESSIONAL-GRADE PROTECTION: When you need to breathe easy and power through projects with paint fumes, dust, mold, wood particles or organic vapors, Breath Buddy has your back. Strap on and gear up, knowing this powerfully effective half face respirator is engineered to separate 94% of airborne particles and proudly meets the EN 140 requirements and CE marking (both considered high-quality worldwide standards, comparable to NIOSH).
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