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Breath Buddy Replacement filters

Breath Buddy Replacement Cartridges - Pack ...
Breath Buddy replacement cartridges. Comes in pack of 4. Protects against organic gas and vapors. Also fits with 6500 3M respirators.  Works Best with BreathBuddy Respirators and 3M respirators too.
Breath Buddy Replacement A1E1 Organic Vapor...
BreathBuddy A1E1 organic vapor and acid gas respirator cartridges have an exceptional 99.95% filter efficiency and can be used in a variety of workplace applications. Significantly reduces exposure to: acetone and acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol, benzene, nicotine, d-limonene, and camphor, ethyl alcohol, gasoline, octane, and diesel fuel, asphalt fumes, petroleum distillates, styrene, turpentine, and vinyl acetate.
Breath Buddy Replacement ABEK1 Cartridges
Breath Buddy ABEK1 cartridges have an exceptional 99.95% filter efficiency and protect against organic vapour, acid gas, sulphur and ammonia. Additionally, they offer effective protection when working with chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine dioxide, ammonia, methylamine and formaldehyde.
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