Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Glasses) | Reusable Professional Breathing Protection Against Dust, Particle, Woodworking and Organic Vapors & Fumes | Perfect For Painters and DIY Projects
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✅GET EXTREME PROTECTION YET BREATHE WITH EASE: This professional breathing protection set successfully blocks all organic vapors and fumes, pollen, dust and many other particles in the air. Best part? It is surprisingly easy to breathe with very little resistance using this mask. After a few minutes you'll forget you're even wearing it. ✅ REUSABLE MASK, A PAIR OF GLASSES, AND POWERFUL FILTERS: This mask can be used over and over again. Also when you buy this product, you get a nice pair of high quality glasses, a pair of organic gas/vapor cartridges, and a pair of particles filters. Talk about a value pack! ✅FITS PERFECTLY, IT'S COMFORTABLE AND STAYS COOL: The straps for the respirator are well-designed, and fit comfortably. It has a cool air valve, so you are not sweating like crazy in it. ✅CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION: You'll always have a clear vision, forget once and for all...
Particulate P3 Filters
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GET THE MOST EFFICIENT PROTECTION FOR YOUR LUNGS: Breath Buddy Respiratory Filters offer an exceptional 99.95% filter efficiency + a nuisance odor relief for organic vapor below the Permissible Exposure Level (PEL). . Whether used in the workshop for wood dust, painting, blowing in attic insulation, or cleaning out the dusty old attic, these filters will protect your lungs.
Replacement Cartridges - Pack of 4
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Organic Gas & Vapor Protection Breath Buddy replacement cartridges. Comes in pack of 4. Protects against organic gas and vapors. Fits with 6500 3M respirators also.
Replacement Filters - Pack of 10
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Breath Buddy replacement filters. Comes in pack of 10. Particulate respiratory protection.
Respirator Mask
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Forget About Breathing Issues and Headaches While Working On Your Stuff! Take Your Experience To A Whole New Level Using Breath Buddy's P3 Filters And Get Close To Perfection Efficiency (99.5%) If you're looking to get extreme protection and odor relief for organic vapor, this pack of 4 filters has your name on it! No Matter if You Do Woodworking, Construction Work, Brazing, Cleaning, Metal Pouring, Painting, Pesticide Application, Remediation, Soldering, Torch Cutting, Welding these filters will help you. SKEPTICAL? We guarantee that your lungs will be well protected against organic vapors and that you won't smell any odors or your money back! PINK? Yeah, ours are pink, and so what? As long as your lungs are protected who cares, right? Hit the add to cart button and get yours. Stock is limited and we can run out of stock at any moment... Buy now!
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