• Jun 27, 2019
  • AEON Technologies

What is a respirator?



A respirator is a protective gear that workers use to cover their nose, face, or mouth to protect themselves from hazardous particles, particulates, gases, vapors, chemical and other harmful atmospheres while working.


Respirators Types:-


Generally there are two categories of respirators.


  1. Air purifying Respirator: - These respirators are half mask respirators and also known as air purifying disposable particulate masks. These respirators purify air by removing contaminants from it.
  2. Supplied Air Respirators: - Type of respirators that are generally known as airline respirators and have emergency escape breathing apparatus. These kinds of respirators provide clean, breathable air from an uncontaminated source.


Why do employees need respirators?


Respirators are required when employees work in environments where dust, fog, mist, fumes, vapors, gases, bad smell, or other health hazardous particulates or particles and toxic substances are present. Supplied air respirators are needed when there is insufficient supply of oxygen. These health hazards may cause asthma, lung cancer, other diseases or even death. Air purifying respirators can also be used in daily work areas like grinding, dusting, farming, pesticides, mold removal, workers working in poultry farms, wild fire smoke, chemical industries, hospitals, construction sites, and in the areas where harmful toxics are present.  In such working sites respirator use may be the best or only way to reduce worker exposure.


How do you choose the correct respirator?


Choosing the right equipment involves:

  1. Identify the contaminants in the workplace.
  2. Considering user factors that affect respirator performance and reliability.
  3. Check if work environment is oxygen-deficient. If its oxygen deficient then you need supplied air respirator and not air purifying respirator.


How useful is Mybreathbuddy Respirators?

Mybreathbuddy respirators are specially designed to give you the extreme protection with ease. These specially designed masks blocks all organic vapors, fumes, pollen, dust, chemical, gases and any other particles in the air. Moreover, you can easily breathe through them while using these masks. These masks are reusable and the filters used in them easily work for around 40 hours of work. The design of the masks is made in such a way that they easily fit and it’s very comfortable to wear them. The best part is these masks have cool air valves, so you are not sweating like crazy in them.